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More than just an aesthetic clinic, Revive Beauty Aesthetics is an all-in-one center for skin rejuvenation and body slimming. Our team of skin experts and doctors continuously design our treatments to enhance your appearance using the philosophy of natural looking beauty.


Intense Pulse Light Treatment


Stellar M22 IPL Treatment - The Stellar M22 is an FDA-cleared system with four light-based technologies that treat a broad range of skin concerns, from lines and wrinkles to age spots and freckles, broken blood vessels, and acne. It also offers both hair removal and tattoo removal. 


Laser Treatment


Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment - Clear and Brilliant is a laser treatment uses fractional laser technology to create a ton of microscopic thermal injuries to the skin. These injuries trigger your skin's natural healing process, which, in turn, boosts collagen and elastin production.


RF Microneedling Treatment


Legend Pro RF Treatment - Legend Pro is a patented device that simultaneously uses radiofrequency and microneedling to stimulate and revitalize the upper layers of the skin while regenerating collagen and elastin fibers from the deeper dermis.


Thermage Treatment 


Thermage Treatment - Thermage® is an FDA-approved treatment that can help facial skin look younger and feel firmer. It uses radiofrequency technology to reshape and promote new collagen, the main structural protein between your connective tissues. This helps create a smoother, more toned appearance.


Ultherapy Treatment 


Ultherapy Treatment - Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. It goes deeper to stimulate production of your body’s own collagen and elastin, for natural-looking results without surgery or downtime.


Other Aesthetic Services


Other services we provide includes Fillers and Botox injections, skinbooster injections, PRP microneedling, face and body toning with NuEra, and IV drip treatments. Please call us for more information. 

Start your journey with Revive today!

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